During DC events Hains Point is NOT closed as Media & Event Organizer often report.  One lane of Ohio Drive along the Washington Channel will be open to 2-way traffic for golf facility visitors AT ALL TIMES! Best entrance to Hains Point is on 395 North & South Exit #2.

Cupids Single Mingle

Feb. 8

St. Patrick's Day

5k & Half Marathon

Mar. 15

- Race for Justice

- U Run 4

Mar. 21

DC Scope It Out 5K

Mar. 29

End of Cherry Blossom activities and festival

Apr. 12 

- Potomac River Run

- National Women's

Half Marathon

May 3

Army 10 - Miler

Oct 11

Potomac Volley Track Club run

Feb. 15

Start of

Cherry Blossom activities and festivals

Mar. 20


Apr. 12

Rock n Roll Marathon

Mar. 28

Cherry Blossom Parade

Apr. 4 

- Purple Rain 5k

- Towpath Half Marathon

Apr 25

Navy/Air Force

Half Marathon

Sept 17

Marine Corps Marathon

Oct 25

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