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A USGA handicap helps make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling players of different abilities to compete on equitable bases.


Use the East Potomac MSGA Handicap System, recognized by the USGA, to record your scores over time and to help know your own potential. 


If you're renewing an existing MSGA account previously active at East Potomac, please include your Network ID at checkout.

If you're new to East Potomac, but have an existing handicap account from another golf course, please include your
Handicap Network ID or GHIN#, the golf course name

and the course state where your previous account was active.

What to expect after you purchase your Handicap Service from East Potomac:

  • We will register you on the MSGA Handicap website

  • You will receive an email confirmation that you're registered in the MSGA system

  • This email will include the option to change your password

  • Your login username will be the email you provided.  If your email/username is not available, we will make your username the text of your email before the "@".

What is a golf handicap?

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