Tee Times -- What You Need to  Know 

 Tee Time Reservations – COVID-19 New Normal

Tee Times Policies

1.   ONLINE TEE TIMES ONLY:   All golfers must reserve tee times and pay for greens fees online at GolfDC.com.  You can setup an online account or make purchase as a guest.   We suggest you create an account. It’s the most efficient way to book easily in the future.   

2.   RATE TYPES:  Online tee times purchases are available for Regular Rates, Senior Rates (subject to age and time restrictions), and Junior Rates (subject to age restrictions).  Minimum age allowed on courses varies by facility.  Minimum age restrictions are listed on the Rates page for for East Potomac, Langston and Rock Creek.

3.   GROUP SIZE (may require multi-transactions):  You may purchase greens fees for a single, twosome, threesome or foursome.   Your credit card will be charged at the time of booking.   Please note that if you are booking for more than one player, all players must be the same "rate type".   A different "rate type" is a different column on the reservation matrix   (e.g. "Regular Walking" vs "Regular with Cart"  OR   "Senior Walking vs Regular Walking", etc.).   If you are booking for different rate types, you must complete separate reservations / payment transactions for each rate type.  We apologize in advance for this system limitation! 

4.   RIDING CARTS:  Cart fees can only be purchased at the time when you make your tee time purchase.  Please note the greens fee with cart option is a separate "rate type" or column in the tee time booking engine.  If you need to add a cart after you arrive at the facility, please check with the Starter. 

Cart rental is subject to availability at the time of play.  Non-household members will be given individual carts.  If you paid for a cart, but no carts are available at the time of play, we will issue you a cart refund.


5. TEE TIME CONFIRMATION:  Upon purchase, you will receive a tee time confirmation email that will include a confirmation number and course code. You will need those two (2) numbers if you wish to cancel your tee time later. 


6.  REFUND/CANCEL TEE TIME:    You can cancel your entire reservation online to get a full refund on the card used for purchase.  Your tee time reservation must be cancelled online 2 Hours prior to time of play.  If the reservation is not cancelled by this time, no refund will be available.  If you need to cancel/change the tee time inside 2 hours - then you are eligible to receive a rain check from the Pro Shop.   


To cancel your tee time, please refer to the "reservation link" in your confirmation email, which is sent when you made the tee time.   You will need to enter your confirmation number, course ID and date of play.  

7.  CHANGING GROUP SIZE:    You will be charged for the number of players in your paid reservation unless you change the number of players before your tee time.  To add more players to your reservation, you will need to make an additional tee times purchase online, if space is still available in that time slot.  To decrease the number of players in your reservation, you will need to cancel the reservation online and repurchase the tee time online for the desired number of players.  If you have problems with reducing the number of players in your paid reservation, please call the Pro Shop with your reservation details for assistance.

8. CHECK-IN AT FACILITY:  Please proceed directly to the Starter area no more than 30 minutes before your tee time.  You do NOT check in at the Pro Shop.  The Starter will call you to enter the “In Hole” area (approx 20 min before your tee time) and direct you to proceed to “On Deck” (approx 10 min before your tee time).    It’s essential that everyone maintain social distancing at all times.


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